5 things the Daniel Bentley and Jack Payne tribunal money should be spent on

So this week the tribunal figures for Daniel Bentleys transfer to Brentford and Jack Payne to Huddersfield in the summer have been announced. Blues look set to make £1.1million from Bentley and £400,000 from Payne, even though both players were out of contract at the end of last season Southend are still set to take home some money as both players are under the age of 24.

So now Ron has got a tidy £1.5million in the bank what should it be spent on? Here are five suggestions:

  1. Spades in the ground at Fossetts Farm
    Two words Blues fans are sick of hearing since 2000, Fossetts and Farm. But if this money was used to make a start on the new ground then I believe this would be welcomed by most Southend supporters. If the club wants to grow and develop which includes being more competitive on the pitch then this is where Southend’s future needs to be. But if experience and the past 17 years is anything to go by this is probably the most unlikely of the five suggestions.fossetts1
  2. Investing in the players for a final push this season
    With around a week left of the January 2017 transfer window and Phil Brown tabling bids for a Championship striker can the money be used to boost the playing squad? Southend are sitting just outside the play offs and a few final additions to the squad could see a good finish to the season and blues in real contention to finish in the top six.
  1. Build the David Beckham dome
    So in 2014, Southend United bought the remains of what was the David Beckham academy dome. Since then it’s sat at Roots Hall like a massive eye sore, when is it actually going to be put up and used? Is Ron waiting for the Fossett Farm development to get started before it gets put up? Once it’s up the club can apply for its category two academy status and continue the fantastic work it’s doing to develop players.41-ls-soccerdome-png-gallery
  2. Developing the club marketing and commercial teams
    For one of only two professional clubs in the whole of Essex, Roots Hall should be full week in, week out. Granted there are a tonne of clubs in London which we have to compete with, but there are over 1.3m residents in Essex and over 20,000 attended the League Two playoff final so getting 12,000 a week to the hall it’s too much to ask. Ron should invest in more headcount for the marketing and commercial teams to get the hall full.
  3. Roots Hall under soil heating?
    I think all blues fans know why this is needed after the weekends headlines….


Thanks for reading and if any blues fans have got any suggestions on what they think the money should be used for comment below!


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