The Internet of What?

The Internet of Things, or more commonly known as IoT has been my area of work for the past three months. Over the Christmas and New Year period, I’ve had the difficulty of explaining my new job and area of work to family members who struggle to Bluetooth pair their phone with their new speakers they got for Christmas.

IoT is the name given to the network of connected devices that communicate over the internet talking to one another to send information. This information and data can then be used to improve peoples lives and businesses. The applications of IoT are endless:

  • Connected medical devices that allow doctors to monitors a patient’s health remotely whilst the patient is in the comfort of their own home
  • Connected cars that immediately contact the emergency services if you have an accident notifying them of your precise location
  • Smart crop monitors that give farmers detailed information about the state of their crops which enables a better yield
  • Smart city sensors that help to monitor pollution levels in cities helping to improve residences health
  • Sensors in a tennis racquet that helps Andy Murray continue to improve his technique and keep his spot as world number one

The potential applications and power of IoT are super exciting, the examples above only just touch the surface and I can’t wait to see what happens within the next 12 months in the industry. Innovations such as low powered wide area networks like NB-IoT have the potential to dramatically impact IoT and as more and more use cases and applications of the technology take place we’ll see even more innovative examples of IoT transforming lives and businesses.

IoT will impact everyone’s lives if it’s not already so be prepared to embrace it with open arms.


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